Why Clothed With Thunder?

Because several thousand years ago a man named Job had the audacity to challenge the Lord God. And God challenged back, because He doesn’t back down. He demanded to know if it had been Job who made the earth, if he had any of the greatness required to do something so wonderful.

“Hast thou given the horse his strength?” God asked. “Hast thou clothed his neck with thunder?” (See Job 39).

And now some kid sitting on a farm in Africa, surrounded by little miracles, is thumping a Bible and scraping together the courage to spread the Word from the housetops.

Whose word? The Word of my best friend and closest confidante, my Lord Jesus Christ.

Why? Because He died for me.

What is the Word? Simply put: life and truth, and the most splendid thing you’ll ever hear and live and see.

How? Any way I can; though horses, books, and Jersey cows; through a smile or a sob at the right moment; through a listening ear, a gentle word.

And this is Clothed With Thunder, my way of lighting a small candle on a dark night through glorifying God in writing. To meet the animals and people that feature in my posts, read CWT’s Dramatis Personae. To read stories and musings on life, adventure and God, go to Clothed With Thunder: Home Blog. For equine escapades and articles on that wondrous creation, the horse, go to Riding on Water: Horses. And for the official website of my Jersey stud, see Joyful Jerseys.

There’s a very leaky ship being tossed around on this stormy sea, but I’m not worried about it. I’m getting out. I’m taking His hand, and walking on water. It’s not always easy, but His hand is always there.

I’m just a daughter, horsewoman, writer, girlfriend, child of the only living God. Join me in experiencing this wonderful thing called life.




7 Responses to Why Clothed With Thunder?

  1. Lyn says:

    Our precious Saviour didn’t just give you a love for horses, books and Jersey cows, He also gave you an amazing gift of writing. For someone young enough to be my granddaughter, you rock!

  2. You are very fortunate to have the comfort of such a strong faith, Firn. As Lyn says, you’re also a very entertaining writer. Every time I read your stuff, I want to know more!

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