Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

I may be late for this challenge, but it appeals to me so much that I can’t resist taking part.

You see, every day, I come into contact with the wildest of spirits, hidden in the most used of all beasts. How ironic that this burning flame smoulders in the heart of the animal that has served mankind so much. A beast that has flung out its legs on the open grassland and run across the endless miles like an unchecked fire, and yet has died in our wars, suffered in our cities, and slaved under our burdens. A creature cherished, adored, abused, forgotten, a magnificent contradiction of an animal that remains forever what God made it to be; a free spirit.

I have not spent much time with this amazing creature, but even I have only to look into its eyes or hear its birdlike cry to know that no matter how obedient or patient it might be, there is still a wildness inside it, something that belongs to the wind and the sky and the whisperings of its Creator flying in the breeze. This beast may not know that it was made by the Hands of God, but like Jesus’s donkey, it knows the touch of its Master, and it knows the joy of what He made. Because He made freedom and He put it for an everlasting flame to burn in the heart of this animal.

Unlike a man, a dog or a cow, this creature learns how to run before it learns how to eat. I know; I have watched the young ones being born and seen them, still damp, rise on their shaking legs and stagger forward with tiny eyes ablaze. Because no matter how old or young or loved or hated, it knows how to dance with the storms, and to laugh at the lightning in the special silent way that it has of speaking. This special, dazzling dream of a creature is truly always a free spirit.

The horse.

Yearling filly and colt, Dancer and Thunder, playing in the rain


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