1000 Words


Do you know how difficult it is to meet a self-imposed word count?

I would LOVE to take part in NaNoWriMo this year, and I think I could, if I put the hours into it. You see, writing the novel in a month isn’t my problem right now; in fact, with the motivation and a decent outline, I’m pretty sure I could do it. Finishing Another Sword so that I have time to write a novel in November… that’s another story.

You see, National Novel Writing Month might not be suited to every writer, but I take for ever and ever to finish a first draft, quibbling over details, beating down fears and generally being lazy. I need some motivation to do what a first draft is all about: sit down and write until you hit the end and then start worrying about what’s wrong with the thing.

I have eleven days to finish the last 20 000 words or so of Another Sword, which is a bit of a NaNoWriMo in itself by my standards. My usual word count goal for the day is 1000 words. I can’t remember when last I actually met it for more than two days in a row. Once I start writing, I break the 1000-word barrier effortlessly; it’s starting to write that’s the problem.

So now, I must churn out 1000 words of fiction, and I shall leave you with a gallery of old faces and new. It’s an exciting time at Bushwillow Stables – one owner is starting up a Paint Horse stud, and the first foal has just hit the ground, with at least four more to follow. Thankfully, I doubt any of mine are harbouring some more little surprises for me, but I would love to breed Skye again in a few years’ time. She’s such an excellent mother and I’d love a filly from her.

We’ve nearly survived the first week of no riding after the AHS vaccine. She’s starting to sulk again, but it’s worth it for the immunity the shot gives her. Still, I can’t wait to get back in her saddle.

On a slightly sadder note, Secret and Dancer went to their new home on Wednesday. It’s certainly not sad at all for the lovely people who bought them, but even though I know they’ll be well looked after and that it’s really for the best, I miss them – especially little Secret with his gentle nature and kindly expression. However, the Horse Mutterer is teaching them riding and training the babies up for them, so I’ll be kept up to date on the siblings.

The bright side is that I’m two horses closer to the mighty silver thoroughbred called Magic. I rode him again today; he is so much better, even compared to Tuesday, and didn’t buck or get stroppy or do anything stupid at all. He has three issues right now that we need to work on; firstly, he doesn’t tie up (although I haven’t seen this in action), secondly, he canters flawlessly to the left and counter-canters flawlessly to the right, which isn’t exactly the right idea; and thirdly, for the first few minutes of trot or canter, he pokes his nose up and to the side as if he was stargazing. We’ll have to work on that, but I’m still falling in love with him. I can’t wait to jump him. His flatwork needs to get up to scratch first, but I’m itching to pop him over something and feel that floating movement that first got me smitten with this lovely grey horse.

God, as usual, orchestrated everything absolutely perfectly. All praise goes to Him!

What has God done for you in your life so far? I can’t wait to hear it.


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