Modern day Good Samaritan…

Like all Bible stories, this one never grows old. Thank you Anna for your beautiful blog!

I came across this story and couldn’t help but share it here because it reminded me that Good Samaritan’s still exist today.

People who take time to notice others who are in need.

People who go out of their way to help someone out when it’s easier to pass them by.

People who have a heart of compassion rather than selfishness.

This story isn’t that extravagant. But it’s a beautiful one nevertheless.

It reminded me once again that in a world where often times we just worry about ourselves there are still people out there who take the time to care for others as well.

And it inspires me to be that person. That person that doesn’t just pass someone by without reaching out a hand to help them. That person that takes the time to see the hurting people around me. That person that takes time to be a…

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