Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

This colt foal was born on December 2, 2011, out of Arwen Evenstar and by Achilles.


We named him Arwen’s Little Secret. Need I say more?


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

  1. Thanks LubbyGirl… all foals are beautiful, but baby Secret was just special 🙂 He got that pretty little spot from his mother Arwen. She has a perfect white diamond between her eyes. (And, interestingly enough, in professional horsy circles a small white mark on a horse’s forehead is really called a “star”!)

    • In the deep, dark, vastly immense reaches of my equine ignorance, I got something right?? Woo hoo!!! I had no idea they were actually called stars. 😆 But it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it. And I went and looked at your sister’s blog today too – beautiful photos there also. Y’all are truly blessed!!

  2. Yep, you said it! “Star” is among the more imaginative of horsy terms. Some of them are positively medieval – fetlocks and withers and stifle joints…

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