Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

I have a small sister with whom I took ballet classes for eight years. We learnt to plie and pointe our toes, adages and allegros. We did little pas de chats and attempts at pose pirouettes, and I tried to do a double and fell over more often than not. I got Bs and Cs; she got As and A plusses by the million. But she was always my li’l sis Rainy who stuck out her index fingers and didn’t keep her supporting leg quite straight in a develope.

Two years ago, I was finally permitted to quit ballet. Don’t get me wrong; I love ballet. From a distance. And not a big distance; there always has to be some sucker dashing around backstage, finding ribbons and doing the curtain, and usually it’s me, and I love it because I get the best seat to see the dance. But ballet took second place to horses and writing and cows and God and school, so I quit.

Rain didn’t. Rain dances like most people breathe, only no one breathes beautifully. It was only last year as I watched from behind the curtain, as Rain did arabesques with lines like unbent rainbows, grande jetes that are only not flying because everyone knows that people can’t fly, right? … it was then that I realised that my li’l sis Rainy had grown up into stage name Rain M. Drake, prima ballerina. And I still didn’t know how it had happened.

Resolved: make more time to watch sunsets and ballet and grazing horses. Resolved: make more time to smell the roses. Resolved: make more time to read to and play with and poke fun at and just be around the beautiful, graceful young lady that is my very own sister.


Grande jete against the sunset


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

    • Thanks, Barbaramelnikcarson and Broken Light! Mostly, I just took so many pictures that I had to get lucky sooner or later… That, and I had an amazing model and a spectacular sunset.

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  2. You certainly have a way with words – and are a dab hand with a camera too. A beautiful – nay, stunning photo. And yes, Rainy, she did have a good model 🙂

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