For the Daily Prompt: Karma Chameleon.

One of the best writers of all time, who very sadly used his talent to champion atheism, is undoubtedly Sir Terry Pratchett. Master of satire and portraying a deeper meaning through comedy, and also great at worldbuilding (his novels are set on the Discworld, which travels through space balanced on the back of four elephants who are in turn standing on top of a giant turtle, and it’s completely believable when Pratchett writes it), his fluid approach to spirituality is his greatest downfall. He’s a literary genius; it’s a genuine pity that he never turned to using his amazing talent to glorify God, because he would have made God very proud.

Anyway, among his various theories on the afterlife, Pratchett’s fiction once included a guy who ended up being reincarnated. “I don’t believe in reincarnation!” he protested. Death (a seven-foot scythe-wielding skeleton mounted upon a horse named Binky) answered, “Reincarnation believes in you.”

At that point, about three-quarters of the way through Maskerade, Jesus (who had been viewing the whole thing with considerable distate) tapped me on the shoulder.

Reincarnation? Pull the other one. I don’t believe in it either, and not just because I think it’s dumb. I don’t believe in reincarnation because Jesus says it’s rubbish. God said it, I believe it, and that settles it.

I do believe in something else, though. Something much bigger. Much better. Something so real and so obvious, that fills the world so completely that sometimes one can’t even see it. “Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the story written across the whole universe in letters too big for some of us to see,” C. S. Lewis said, and I know this story is true.

I know that there is a God. I know that His name is holy and just and pure and true. I know that He has a Son called Jesus Christ. I know that He is my Shepherd and Shield, my Saviour; my Rock and my Fortress; my God, in Whom I trust. Satan has been trying to tell me otherwise, but he can shake my faith a little (it coming from a tiny little heart like mine), he will never crush it. Because I’m not a single entity anymore; Jesus lives in me, and I in Him and us in God, and nothing crushes us.

I know that my God lives. I know that Jesus was killed by those whom He loved. I know


He did this for you and me(Photo credit: Bruce Guenter)

He died for His murderers, and He died for me, too, nailed to a cross. I know that His beauitful body, dripping blood, was lain in a sepulchre and stayed there for three days.

I also know that my Jesus rose again and walked among the disciples for some time. I know that He then ascended up into Heaven, His rightful Kingdom. I know that He sent a Holy Spirit to comfort us and that though He reigns in Heaven, He rules my heart, too.

I know that He has been working on something awesome for more than two thousand years, a special Kingdom where He and I will live together forever and ever and ever. I know that He will come on the clouds, on a shining white horse, and conquer the evil. I know that He will not let me be harmed. I know that He will catch me up in His powerful, gentle arms and take me home to live in His light forever.

I know that I’m living in His light right now. I know that I see through a glass darkly now, but I still love life, and I love Him. Soon I’ll see Him face to face. Now I love Him heart to heart, and I always will.

Better yet? I don’t just think this stuff is true. I don’t just know that this stuff is true. I believe it’s true, and real belief, real faith, is something far higher and far better than knowing.

I also know and believe that you can have this too. This spirit of love, of power and of a sound mind. This forgiveness. This eternal life. This can be yours too. And it’s quite simple really: All you have to do is say to Jesus, “I’m sorry and I believe in You and most of all, Lord, I love You,” and say it with every cell left in your heart, and He’ll forgive you and you’ll know Him. And it will be the most amazing thing you’ll ever do. He’ll flip your life on its head and you will laugh and you will cry (because no one ever said it would be easy) but one thing you won’t do is go to Hell, as long as you hang onto Him with all your might.

He did for me. He’ll do it for you. There will be fiery trials; I know, I’ve been there. There will be battles; I know, I’m fighting one. But there will always be Jesus Christ. You might not always know He’s there. You might not always remember. You might sometimes feel alone. But He won’t forsake you. He won’t fail you. He’s with you forever.

Forever is a very big word. But God is bigger than forever. If any of you out there are struggling to believe, or refusing to believe, for whatever reason, then know that God loves you and He’s real. He’s standing in front of you right now. You might not see Him, but He’s there anyway. He’s looking at you with great dark eyes full of stars and fire and love. He’s standing there with one hand outstretched; it’s a beautiful hand, slender-fingered, a puckered scar at its centre, a scar He bears for you.

Take it. I beg you. Take it. Live. Love. Laugh. Do it in the Name of the Lord.

It’s the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to you. You will lose nothing worth keeping. You will gain everything worth having.

This isn’t my promise. This is God’s promise. Oh, you don’t believe in God? Here’s the truth: God believes in you.

Česky: Kříže - symbol utrpení Ježíše Krista a ...

The cross is empty. The Lord is risen! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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