Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

Animals know all about joy. They have no reservations in feeling it or in expressing it; their wondrous ability to live in the moment allows them to feel their joy in its fullest, right now. And they all have some way or another of expressing it.

For horses, their best defence mechanism becomes their greatest joy. Horses were born to run and carefully designed for speed and stamina. Their superb muscular strength, long legs, and superior respiratory and cardiac systems make them unique among animals for combining strength, speed and stamina in one glorious package.

And they know it. Make a horse happy, and he’ll express it in exuberant bounds, galloping across his paddock, leaping up into the air with all four legs, rearing with dizzying elegance, or bucking spectacularly just for the sheer wild fun of it.

Horses were made to be horses. They might not know the Lord God Who made them, but they know they were made. For them, that’s enough.

Siobhan displays her joy at moving to a new paddock

Siobhan displays her joy at moving to a new paddock


Requesting your Thoughts, Take 2

Dear readers, my apologies for the epic fail post yesterday! I was hasty in publishing and didn’t check it carefully, and limited Internet connection meant that it wasn’t possible to fix it straight away.

Anyway – back to the post.

Since its inception in 2012, CWT has been a mishmash of a blog, mingling posts about writing, horses, and God all in one blog. While I am stunned and blessed by my readership, I feel that the horses and writing posts are falling behind the God posts in popularity. While I wouldn’t have it any other way – if CWT can spread the Word of God, there is nothing more important than that – I fear the other types of posts may be detracting from the readership of the God posts. CWT’s main purpose is and always has been to spread the Word, and while I would like to continue my horsy anecdotes and record of my writing journey, it might turn out better to split CWT into different blogs.

However, I couldn’t make such a radical decision without consulting the people that are always right – my readers, of course. There are so many of you out there and I feel blessed and privileged that every single one of you are reading my words, and I hope to enhance your experience of my writing.

So – below, the poll. CWT’s future is in your hands.

In Which Ponies Run

The horses had a ball the other day when I moved them into different paddocks, facilitating better use of grazing for Skye (who needs to eat grass instead of hay because of one of her innumerable allergies). A change of paddocks is always guaranteed to make them have some fun, and without further ado, here are some random happy pony pictures. Glory be to the God Who made them and put the joy of His creation in them; they might not know Who made them, but when I see them leap effortlessly into the air, lightly as a sunbeam despite their sweating half-ton bulk, and dance across the turf, I have to believe that they know they were made.

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