In Which Ponies Run

The horses had a ball the other day when I moved them into different paddocks, facilitating better use of grazing for Skye (who needs to eat grass instead of hay because of one of her innumerable allergies). A change of paddocks is always guaranteed to make them have some fun, and without further ado, here are some random happy pony pictures. Glory be to the God Who made them and put the joy of His creation in them; they might not know Who made them, but when I see them leap effortlessly into the air, lightly as a sunbeam despite their sweating half-ton bulk, and dance across the turf, I have to believe that they know they were made.

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6 thoughts on “In Which Ponies Run

  1. You are so refreshing! A happy home-schooled kid that unashamedly proclaims their faith. It is so beautifully awesome and I believe that God is quite pleased with your life and the ponies that are clothed in thunder!
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    Consider spreading the word about the contest. The winner takes $100 bucks.

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