Requesting your Thoughts, Take 2

Dear readers, my apologies for the epic fail post yesterday! I was hasty in publishing and didn’t check it carefully, and limited Internet connection meant that it wasn’t possible to fix it straight away.

Anyway – back to the post.

Since its inception in 2012, CWT has been a mishmash of a blog, mingling posts about writing, horses, and God all in one blog. While I am stunned and blessed by my readership, I feel that the horses and writing posts are falling behind the God posts in popularity. While I wouldn’t have it any other way – if CWT can spread the Word of God, there is nothing more important than that – I fear the other types of posts may be detracting from the readership of the God posts. CWT’s main purpose is and always has been to spread the Word, and while I would like to continue my horsy anecdotes and record of my writing journey, it might turn out better to split CWT into different blogs.

However, I couldn’t make such a radical decision without consulting the people that are always right – my readers, of course. There are so many of you out there and I feel blessed and privileged that every single one of you are reading my words, and I hope to enhance your experience of my writing.

So – below, the poll. CWT’s future is in your hands.


4 thoughts on “Requesting your Thoughts, Take 2

  1. Okay, my choice of “Other” demands an explanation. At first I was going to tick, “I like it the way it is,” then decided I’d tick the second choice. Then I decided neither were quite right. So, here are my thoughts for what they’re worth.
    Stick with the one blog, but have separate pages (or subjects if you will) for each type. When you post, the notification will automatically take the reader to that specific post, but, each post will be stored under it’s own page or topic similar to what you already have at the top of the blog – “Dramatic Personae”, “Why Clothed with Thunder”.

    You could have “Fiction” for your own stories, “Flash Fiction” for the times you write for one of the many writing prompts available (like Today’s Author ) and “Devotionals” for your devotional posts. However, having said that, I would urge you to be led by the Holy Spirit in this. Discuss it with our Heavenly Father. He’s the one for whom we write so ultimately, He’s our boss 😉

    • Hmm, good idea Lyn, I was thinking of that too recently. Thanks for your input – as always, you are an inspiration and an encouragement! And thank you for pointing me back to my King – I’ll speak with Him before I make any choices. Orders are orders, especially if they come straight from the Top!

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