Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

Animals know all about joy. They have no reservations in feeling it or in expressing it; their wondrous ability to live in the moment allows them to feel their joy in its fullest, right now. And they all have some way or another of expressing it.

For horses, their best defence mechanism becomes their greatest joy. Horses were born to run and carefully designed for speed and stamina. Their superb muscular strength, long legs, and superior respiratory and cardiac systems make them unique among animals for combining strength, speed and stamina in one glorious package.

And they know it. Make a horse happy, and he’ll express it in exuberant bounds, galloping across his paddock, leaping up into the air with all four legs, rearing with dizzying elegance, or bucking spectacularly just for the sheer wild fun of it.

Horses were made to be horses. They might not know the Lord God Who made them, but they know they were made. For them, that’s enough.

Siobhan displays her joy at moving to a new paddock

Siobhan displays her joy at moving to a new paddock


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

  1. Oh yeah! Horses certainly know joy. Nothing better than watching a horse flying across a paddock or a hill full tilt with their tails flying and hooves pounding. Or watching them just leap and buck just for the fun of it.

  2. I AGREE!! I also think they know disappointment and sadness too. We have snow and ice hardened ground now and the horses cannot run and buck. They are sad that their riders are not here to ride them or shower them with carrots, and warm horse cookies. Each car that drives in the driveway is met with uproars of loud whinnies and calls of the horses, as if to say, “Finally, someone is here to ride us!”

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    • I’m happy to be here in Africa, where we don’t have to postpone riding in winter – in fact, we more often have to cancel riding in summer, due to extreme heat or thunderstorms! Still, our temperate little corner of the Highveld, even with its bad moods, has quite lovely weather all year round.

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