A New Look for CWT

Dear readers,

You might have noticed a new set of links along the top of CWT: “Joyful Jerseys” and “Riding on Water: Horses”. I mentioned in my older post “Requesting your Thoughts”* that CWT’s old format of a random mishmash of subjects wasn’t really working for me. You guys responded saying that splitting the post subjects probably would work better for you, hence, I bow to thy wisdom.

So, this is how the blog will work from now on. Clothed With Thunder remains the main blog, the home page, if you will. I’ll be publishing my deep thoughts, devotional material, and responses to prompts and photo challenges on this blog. In short, this will be my “God blog”, focused on Spreading the Word and writing about His Kingdom.

But never fear: I couldn’t stop writing about Skye and her Horde, so I hereby introduce Riding on Water, my horse blog. For my equestrian readers, pop on over there and hit the follow button – otherwise you won’t get my horse posts anymore. (I do apologise for this inconvenience; I meant to have one follow button for both blogs, but alas, my technical expertise didn’t stretch that far, despite my best efforts).

Joyful Jerseys is the link to the official website of my Jersey stud. There I will post news about the cows and also information on the Jersey breed.

My hope is that this will enhance your experience of Clothed With Thunder, my dear readers. The horse blog, especially, will be expanded, with more articles on riding and horses, and maybe even a guest blogger or two.

So there you have it. Hop on over to Riding on Water for the equine escapades – I’ll see you there.

*The second one, not the epic failure one, although that one did spark a few interesting comments.

Charging into the new year

Charging into the new year


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