The Bidding War

This excerpt is from a novel that died on me about a year ago and is a snippet of dialogue from a character that ran a horse sanctuary.*

“Today I’m here to tell you something that might shock you. You’re also in an auction ring, up for sale. Your hope is in the hands of the people bidding; your future, your happiness, your very life. But there’s a huge bidding war going on. There are only two people bidding, and they both want you badly. One is a killer buyer, the other is a rescue. Their bids have reached thousands of pounds. Their bids have reached millions. Eventually, they start bidding whole cities. ‘Moscow!’ bids the killer. ‘London,’ bids the rescuer. ‘Beijing!’ bids the killer. ‘New York,’ bids the rescuer. Then they start bidding countries, then continents. Then stars and planets. And still the war goes on.

“The killer buyer eventually laughs and lays down his trump card. ‘I bid the universe on that person,’ he says.

“But the rescuer doesn’t back down. He just smiles and holds up His hands. Blood drips slowly from the deep wounds in His palms; it looks like some sharp object has been driven right through. ‘I bid Myself,’ He says.

“The killer buyer howls and gnashes his teeth, threatens the auctioneer and yells at the person being sold, but he can’t get near the Rescuer, he can’t touch His blood. And there is nothing greater, worthier, or more powerful than that Rescuer’s blood, that Rescuer’s love. The killer buyer has lost the war. The hammer goes down, the person is sold to the Rescuer, for the highest price of all.

“He paid for you with His life. He suffered and died for you, and He won the bidding war. All you have to do is believe in Him and love Him, and you’ll be saved forever from that killer buyer. Satan wants to ship you to slaughter, guys. He wants you to burn forever in fire and brimstone. But you don’t need to, because Jesus paid for you with everything He had, and He rose again for you, and He is building Heaven for you. He’s going to pull you out of your old life and clean you up and make you well again, and then He’s going to use you for mighty things. And not even death will hurt you; for He’ll catch you up and bring you into Heaven to live for ever. And that’s when your adventure will really start.”

*For the non-horsemen among my readers, this snippet is based on the idea of horse slaughter. Old, unsound or unwanted horses are often sold at small auctions for low prices, and wherever there’s horses being sold for below meat price, there’s a killer buyer ready to bid on it. Killer buyers purchase horses for less than meat price and then ship them to slaughter; in countries where slaughter is illegal, the shipping usually kills almost as many horses as the abbatoir does, as they travel with no food or water.

To save these horses, horse rescuers go to these auctions and bid on low-priced horses to get their price above meat value. If the price won’t go that high, they generally buy these horses, rehabilitate them and adopt them out.