Angel: Isaiah Shahan Part I

It was a day just like any other day; I was a boy just like every other boy, when a girl unlike any I’d seen – like she stepped out of a dream – entered my world. Summer wind ran playful fingers through her butter-yellow locks as she walked. No, wait, she didn’t walk – walk is too mundane a word; she moved like a music note or like the reflection of sunlight on ripples. Almost skipping, almost dancing. The movement made little silky wrinkles in her skirt.

I knew I was staring, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she skip-danced across the marketplace in the wake of her father’s sweeping presence. My world stilled, seeming as bright as the inside of a diamond, lit up from the inside by her presence. And just for an instant – a second’s breadth – she turned her head and our eyes met, and fireworks and lightning exploded in my head. They were blue as twin skies, complete with the sun dancing within.

The distant whistle of the whip turned into stinging pain that flung me to my knees, shattering the diamond moment. I landed heavily, gripping the carrying pole across my shoulders with blistered hands, dizzy, but not from the blow.

“What you looking at, 12?” growled the driver. “On your feet, and get your filthy eyes off the princess.”

I struggled to my feet without thinking, without minding that he called me – as always – by the number branded into my left shoulder. All I was thinking was that maybe I was crazy, but I was praying that an angel would love me. Maybe I was a fool, but I raised my eyes to the pure blue sky, and I asked the King Who kept me free above all bonds for an angel to love me. She had to be an angel. For a moment, she’d made me forget the chafing shackles and the weight of my load.

For a moment, she’d made me forget I was a slave.

*   *   *

To Be Continued…

Inspired by the Daily Prompt. Song: “Angel”, Casting Crowns. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


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