A New Song: Submissions are Open

The little idea I wrote about here has done what most ideas do in the hands of our King: exploded into three times the size I was expecting.

I posted on NaNoWriMo asking if anybody would like to help me out with building a website and selecting stories for the anthology. I now have six copy editors and a co-editor, less than a week later. In six or seven days, the website was built, the plans were made, a domain name purchased, submission guidelines dreamed up, a Facebook page and Google+ group created. The amazing people who signed up to help with A New Song are all so enthusiastic, so inspired that I know the Spirit of God moves in all of us to do this project.

So now, less than two whirlwind weeks after the idea popped into my head (assisted there, I have no doubt, by the Hand of my King), submissions are open for the A New Song anthology. Love to write? Write for the love of our God? Here’s your opportunity, if you are so called, to have your short story published in an anthology. Click here to go to our website, learn more, and submit your story. We’re looking for short fiction 4500 words and under with a planned publication date of January 2016. The deadline is 1 April 2015. Get writing! We’d love to hear from you.

Glory, glory, glory to our amazing King.
Grace and peace in Jesus